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10 September 2009 @ 07:50 pm
Victor/Sierra fic for whedonland ficfest  
Username: vampwolflove
Team (no sig banner): Buffy
Fic written for:
Fic title: And So I Watch You From Afar
Rating & pairing/character: Sierra/Victor (Dollhouse)
Word Count: 581
Summary: Victor ready for an engagement is distracted by a beautiful doll
Link: Under the cut

“Another engagement with Miss Lonely Hearts, I see,” Topher said with a smirk to Selena Ramirez once the treatment had successfully been completed.

Victor’s handler Selena gave him a roll of the eyes and a shrug, “Second one this month already. I feel quite sorry for the woman.”

“With that much money, I can’t bring myself to feel anything but contempt towards her,” Topher shook his head in disbelief.

“She’s old, and lonely, give her a break.” Victor interrupted their conversation as he stood up from the chair and straightened his tie, “With a face as pretty as mine can you blame her?” he added with a wink at his handler.

Selena simply shook her head and walked towards the door, leading Victor with her.

As they walked past the balcony overlooking the tranquil surroundings where the other dolls spent their time, Victor found himself stopping. His feet rooted in place as his eyes were drawn to a woman he didn’t remember ever having met before. He saw such an intense beauty in her and couldn’t bring himself to look away, though he knew he had an important appointment to attend to.

Though he had never met this person before, Victor felt a strange, powerful rush of familiarity as he watched her. She casually made her way across the floor of the room, seemingly at total ease and looking very much at peace. Victor’s heart was beating loudly in his chest and he could feel the blood pulsing like a drum in his ears; he couldn’t remember ever having felt this way before.

The woman raised her gaze slowly, taking in her surroundings with the most breath-taking smile he had ever seen. Her eyes met his and he felt his heart leap. Her smile widened and she raised a hand in greeting to him, as if he were someone she knew. Once he had caught his breath he managed a wave in return. He was sure he knew her, but he was also just as sure that he didn’t.

Satisfied that he had returned her gesture, she sat herself down on a comfortable-looking seat nearby, gazing serenely around. Victor composed himself and tried to reassure himself that she was simply an incredibly attractive woman; this feeling was nothing but lust at first sight. Somehow, he didn’t believe himself.

“What’s the hold up?” Selena returned to the balcony after realising that Victor wasn’t following her.

“Uh, ahem, nothing, I was just…” he frowned at himself for this odd behaviour, “Tell me, Selena, who is that woman?”

Selena came to stand by Victor and followed his line of sight to see exactly who he was talking about.

“Oh, that’s Sierra,” she replied, “Why would you want to know a thing like that?”

“No reason,” he replaced the confused look that had been on his face with his usual disarming smile, “Now, I believe a Miss Katherine desires my attentions. We best not keep her waiting.”

“Sure,” Selena frowned, but led him out of the building to the black van without another word about it. She was thinking that she should perhaps mention this to Adelle later, especially as this was Victor asking about Sierra, of all the dolls in the room.

As they made their way to the appointment, Victor found himself unable to detract his thoughts from Sierra. He was sure this was not the ‘lust at first sight’ experience he had tried to convince himself it was. Maybe this was… love?

(Note: I know that Victor's name for the Miss Lonely Hearts engagement is Roger but I kept it as Victor for this fic, just because. Also, this is from before Bicks becomes his handler)

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lunaspec_gimmylunaspec_gimmy on September 10th, 2009 09:26 pm (UTC)
Oh I know, everything we've been given so far, promos, casting, everything, it all looks amazing.